Big Tech

Big Tech Under Fire

Less than a week after the Netherlands sues the CCP social videosharing app TikTok for $1.7 Billion for illegally collecting data from 64000 children, Japan announces to start antitrust probe on Apple... Read more »

The Rapids Roofers Now Has A New Website

One stop solution for roofing installation and repairs in Grand Rapids, MI April 8, MI, US: The Rapids Roofers, renowned for its high quality roofing installation and repairs services in Grand Rapids,... Read more »

Vietnamese conglomerate buying smartphone business from LG

With reports that the company wants to leave the smartphone market, LG Electronics has been making headlines. A Vietnamese conglomerate, which is reportedly in talks about buying the smartphone company from LG... Read more »

Paypal Announces Cryptocurrency Spending and Trading

PayPal has entered the market for cryptocurrencies, revealing that its clients will use their PayPal accounts to buy and sell Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. It will then be possible to use... Read more »

A Brand New, User Friendly Site Goes Live for Lynchburg Movers

For years now, Lynchburg Movers have been the go-to for countless residential and commercial customers in need of a world-class, affordable removal and transportation service. In that time, Lynchburg Movers have looked... Read more »

TikTok Chief Executive Kevin Mayer Resigns Hoping Trump Will Back Off

Of the many issues still surrounding TikTok’s fate, the biggest one might be whether the Trump administration approves a restructuring plan that keeps both financially and operationally in charge of China-based ByteDance... Read more »

Report Show Cybercriminals Attacking US Elections

Microsoft has observed cyberattacks in recent weeks targeting individuals and organizations involved in the upcoming presidential election, including unsuccessful attacks on people affiliated with both the campaigns of Trump and Biden, as... Read more »

Vegetarian Foods Gain Popularity As Impossible Foods Launches Plant-based Sausage in Hong Kong

Plant-based burger maker Impossible Foods said it will start selling its fake pork product in Hong Kong on Thursday (Sep 10), the first expansion outside the United States as it aims to... Read more »

Large Influx of New Residents Moving To Florida From High Tax States

Palm Beach County saw an increase in single-family home contracts of over $1 million in 268 per cent Every day nearly a thousand people move to Florida, as those living in high-tax... Read more »
Australia Fights Google and Facebook

Australia Blames Big Tech For Job Loss In Journalism and Demanding Payment

“Nothing less than the future of the Australian media landscape is at stake.” Australia aims to compel U.S. tech giants Facebook Inc (FB.O) and Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) Google to pay for news... Read more »