French politician shocks world: ‘President Macron and most MPs not vaccinated’

French President Macron and most French MPs have not been vaccinated against corona. Jean Lassalle, until recently a member of parliament in France, revealed this in conversation with NTD Français….

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Special Frikandel with French Fries

Chip shops in Netherlands signal frikandels shortage

What Is A Frikandel? A frikandel; plural frikandellen is a traditional snack originating from the historical Low Countries (Netherlands, Belgium and north of France), a sort of minced-meat sausage, of…

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Croatian MEP

Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic Scolds Ursula von der Leyen (President of the EU Commission)

Dear citizens, Honorable Mrs von der Leyen. Your report on the state of fundamental freedoms and rights of the citizens of the European Union is in stark contrast to the…

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Boris Johnson

England stops using facemasks and coronapasses next week

LONDON – A large part of the corona measures in England will be lifted as of next Thursday. It will no longer be compulsory to wear mouth masks from then…

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RS Baby

Outbreak of RS virus in the Netherlands fills pediatric ICUs

The RS virus (respiratory syncytial virus) is spreading so fast in the Netherlands that all the beds in pediatric ICUs were full on Tuesday, according to reports. At least one…

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Hackers are threatening the security of US businesses

Republican Party chief of staff Richard Walters told Bloomberg that the Republican National Committee (RNC) learned over the weekend that third-party provider Synnex had been breached. “We immediately blocked all…

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ICU Fraud

Fraud with occupancy on intensive care units: German hospitals manipulated occupancy rates

A report by the Federal Audit Office in Germany (BRH) reveals one of the biggest scandals during the corona pandemic in Germany. German hospitals manipulated utilization rates at intensive care…

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Chinese Hackers are Ramping Up Attacks

In recent weeks we have seen an escalation of hacking attempts origination from China. China is considered the most dangerous country in terms of cyber threats. Experts have claimed that China…

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Australian Prime Minister Steven Marshall Takes Nazi-like Measures Against Covid Patients

South Australia will implement a strategy to hold positive COVID-19 cases at a special facility under police guard, since no new cases have been reported by the state. In a…

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Man Faces Possible Jail Time For Leaving Negative Reviews

After posting unfavorable reviews of a hotel he stayed in, a US man is facing up to two years in prison in Thailand. Wesley Barnes, who works in Thailand, posted…

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