Porn research

Cureus Needs Your Porn Research

In an effort to find out if porn is an addiction or a habit, the people at Cureus are asking anyone who has done any kind of research into the…

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Michael Yon

Who To Follow – Michael Yon

Today Dec 6, 2021, we have added a new category on our website; this new category was aptly named Who To Follow. Why should you care? This new category will…

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The watchers season 1

The Watchers Season 1 Movie by Aaron Greer

Are you tired of watching the same old movies and plots on Netflix? Here’s you chance to enjoy a brand new series (The Watchers) by Aaron Greer. The Watchers –…

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Ron DeSantis

Florida Rejects a Public Policy Based on Fear

The following post is an email from Tom Woods, sent out to subscribers today. Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, keeps lobbing bombs at his enemies. Today he introduced to the press…

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Fire Department

Half of the Family Just Disappeared Overnight

“Half of the Family Just Disappeared Overnight” by Perla Trevizo and Lexi Churchill, ProPublica and The Texas Tribune; Suzy Khimm and Mike Hixenbaugh, NBC News; Illustrations by Laila Milevski, ProPublica…

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Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Stripped of Emergency Powers For Continued Lockdowns

In a story published yesterday by EpochTimes, it becomes clear that Michigan was tired of Gretchen Whitmer abusing her powers to keep the state in lockdown. On July 21, the…

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Twitterbot Accounts

Twitter is infected with pro lockdown and vaccine tweet bots

In a recent feed on a vaccine-related thread on Twitter NorthAmerica-News found a large number of replies to a post. This by itself is not strange at all. What was…

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Loudoun County Public Schools, Ashburn, Va

Judge Orders Virginia School to Reinstate Teacher Who Refused to Use Transgender Pronouns

A high school teacher in Virginia who refused to use transgender pronouns, “they,” “them,” and other new gender terms was reinstated by a judge this week. The ruling cites Title…

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From San Diego To Nevada Real Estate Prices are Rising

A seller’s market means that there are more homes for sale than buyers. The competition is stiff, and sellers can set their prices high with the expectation of finding a…

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Shifting Trends in How We Take Holidays RV Sales Soar Creating More Demand For Parks

Think for a minute of the scenarios prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic. When Covid hit, the RV quickly came to be regarded as the safest way to travel. That’s one…

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