Electric Car Cost

Batteries Are Getting Cheaper But This Is Not Reflected In The Cost Of Electric Vehicles

Lithium-ion batteries have also become less expensive: a lithium-ion battery cost $946 per kilowatt-hour in 2011. Electric vehicles have been predicted to follow the same path for a long time….

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Windows App Store

The Revamped Windows App Store Is More Developer Friendly

Microsoft created the Windows App Store a few years ago. The Microsoft Store is now one of the most popular apps on PCs, with buyers praising the convenience and security…

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Ford Motors

Ford Adds Conversion-Ready Chassis Cab Model

In the not too distant future, an all-new Ford Ranger is on the way, but the existing model continues to demonstrate a clean pair of heels to the rest of…

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Verizon Joins the Censorship Club Against Independent Vaccine Information

In a recent email sent to subscribers The Truth About Vaccines informed their readership about their text messages being blocked by Verizon. As longtime subscribers ourselves it was interesting to…

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The Great Firewall Of China Hits The App Store

Two RSS reader apps, Reeder and Fiery Feeds, said this week that content that is deemed “illegal” in the country has been removed from their iOS apps in China. RSS…

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Entrepreneurs Are Winning The Space Race

The space race is on. For decades there was no real interest in the further exploration of space and space travel in particular. But recently this has changed dramatically. It…

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Is Canon EOS R5 Getting A Sibling?

Now that the dust has settled on the somewhat tumultuous launch of the Canon EOS R5, Canon seems to be able to turn its focus on a new high-resolution version…

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Huawei Surprises Us With The Gt 2 Pro Smartwatch With Wireless Charging And Freebuds Pro

There’s no relief from the repercussions of a tightened US trade ban, but amid the odds being stacked against it, Huawei keeps putting a strong foot forward. The Chinese OEM…

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windows bulletin

WindowsBulletin.com Offers Tutorials and Guides on How to Fix Computer and Windows Issues

WindowsBulletin.com currently offers tutorials and guides on how to fix your computer and windows issues. The Windows Bulletin site was first launched in 2018, and they are pleased to be able to assist computer users with their tutorials and guides. WindowsBulletin.com Tutorials and Guides WindowsBulletin.com has a vast number of Windows tutorials and help guides […]
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