Pfizer Poison

Pfizer Criminals Caught Cheating – Thailand May Be First Country to Nullify Contract

This is good news for those of us who are tired of the fake narrative that the covid jabs are effective. North America News refuses to call these poisonous injections…

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Poison jabs

Americans Have Had Enough Of Poison Jabs

This is a huge issue, and it shows that the majority of people who get vaccinated fail to complete a two-dose series. The New York Times has a daily update…

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Covid Vaccine Not Safe

Pfizer Documents Released Covid Vaccine Are Not As Safe as They Want You To Believe

A warm welcome to today’s talk is Wednesday the 9th of march now I’ve been asked for a long time to look into these Pfizer documents and the food and…

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The Lancet Caught Lying About Hydroxychloroquine

Few, if any, drugs have been so highly politicized as Hydroxychloroquine. The minute US President Donald Trump announced hydroxychloroquine offered a possible solution to coronavirus-infected survivors, the drug’s popularity skyrocketed,…

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Pfizer Fraud

Pfizer The Criminal Organization That Wants To Vaccinate You

First of we would like to acknowledge that this article was inspired by #TheMirrorProject and we thank them for their bravery. After watching their video on Youtube we thought is…

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Dr Roger Hodgkinson

Dr Roger Hodgkinson Speaks Out Against Covid Lockdowns In Alberta Canada

As one of our subscribers in Alberata Canada told us today: We just went under lockdown here again in Alberta… and I consider us to have a better/more advanced health…

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Which Is Better Black Tea Or Green Tea?

Most of us have grown up having tea at breakfast. Depending on which country you grew up in it might have been black tea, ceylon or green tea. But which…

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How Will You Celebrate World Food Day?

On Oct. 16, World Food Day is celebrated and serves as a reminder that we all play a role in building a safe, more sustainable and resilient food system. All…

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Does Curacao Have The Most Covid Resistant Population in The World?

Updated Oct 14th 2020 – By Carl Riedel Your chance of dying from Covid19 on the island of Curacao is a whopping 0.187% With all the scaremongering and wild numbers…

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British scientists launch major study to uncover role of human antibodies and seriousness of Covid-19 cases

A major study aimed at uncovering the crucial role that human antibodies and other immune defences play in the seriousness of Covid-19 cases was launched by British scientists. Antibody studies…

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