Big Tech Under Fire

Big Tech

Less than a week after the Netherlands sues the CCP social videosharing app TikTok for $1.7 Billion for illegally collecting data from 64000 children, Japan announces to start antitrust probe on Apple and Google. In China, TikTok is known as Douyin, and it is owned by the Chinese corporation ByteDance. The video-sharing app has…

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The Lancet Caught Lying About Hydroxychloroquine


Few, if any, drugs have been so highly politicized as Hydroxychloroquine. The minute US President Donald Trump announced hydroxychloroquine offered a possible solution to coronavirus-infected survivors, the drug’s popularity skyrocketed, and the media attacked it. Now it turns out, however, that The Lancet is a completely unreliable source of information regarding hydroxychloroquine. They have…

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Chinese Hackers are Ramping Up Attacks

In recent weeks we have seen an escalation of hacking attempts origination from China. China is considered the most dangerous country in terms of cyber threats. Experts have claimed that China has more hackers than any other country, accounting for 41% of all attacks on the internet. The majority of groups responsible for hacking seem…

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The Rapids Roofers Now Has A New Website


One stop solution for roofing installation and repairs in Grand Rapids, MI April 8, MI, US: The Rapids Roofers, renowned for its high quality roofing installation and repairs services in Grand Rapids, MI area, has launched its new website that makes things easier for residential and commercial property owners. Roofing is the key to…

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Playing For The Environment

The United Nations’ Ozone Secretariat launched a mobile video game aimed at adolescents on Wednesday to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the Earth’s ozone layer and protecting the planet. The game, titled “Reset Earth,” is based on an animated film of the same name that premiered on January 24, “World Education Day,”…

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