French politician shocks world: ‘President Macron and most MPs not vaccinated’

French President Macron and most French MPs have not been vaccinated against corona. Jean Lassalle, until recently a member of parliament in France, revealed this in conversation with NTD Français….

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Lynchburg Movers

Lynchburg Movers Commissioned A New Google Website And Expanded Their Business Hours For Easier Access

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Sept. 11, 2022 – PRLog — Lynchburg Movers, a Lynchburg moving company, today announced the launch of their new website, which features the same easy-to-use navigation and search as their existing website….

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Special Frikandel with French Fries

Chip shops in Netherlands signal frikandels shortage

What Is A Frikandel? A frikandel; plural frikandellen is a traditional snack originating from the historical Low Countries (Netherlands, Belgium and north of France), a sort of minced-meat sausage, of…

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Porn research

Cureus Needs Your Porn Research

In an effort to find out if porn is an addiction or a habit, the people at Cureus are asking anyone who has done any kind of research into the…

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US Inflation Jumps to Highest in 40 Years

The consumer price index in the US rose by 8.6 percent in May, which exceeded the market’s estimate of 8.3 percent. The increase in prices was mainly due to the…

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Crazed man shot

Armed Lady Saves Bystanders From Crazed Man

Liberals want you to believe that citizens shouldn’t be armed. But this story that was buried by lamestream media proves otherwise. If it wasn’t for this brave (and armed) lady,…

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Voter Fraud

2000 Mules Proves Massive Voter Fraud in 2020 Elections

Despite claims made by the Liberal Left, Dinesh D’Souza was able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there was a massive conspiracy in the 2020 elections in…

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Poison jabs

Americans Have Had Enough Of Poison Jabs

This is a huge issue, and it shows that the majority of people who get vaccinated fail to complete a two-dose series. The New York Times has a daily update…

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Electric Car Cost

Batteries Are Getting Cheaper But This Is Not Reflected In The Cost Of Electric Vehicles

Lithium-ion batteries have also become less expensive: a lithium-ion battery cost $946 per kilowatt-hour in 2011. Electric vehicles have been predicted to follow the same path for a long time….

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Dr Oz Fired

Dr. Oz Fired For Showing Biden’s Many Mistakes But Vows Not To Be Silent

Dr. Mehmet Oz, a U.S. Senate candidate best known in the United States as the daytime TV host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” claimed on Wednesday that he had been…

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