Logo Announces Alternative To Paypal

Today Andrew Torba, CEO of announced the launch of an alternative payment gateway to Paypal. In a report published on we took note that the New Tech site…

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RS Baby

Outbreak of RS virus in the Netherlands fills pediatric ICUs

The RS virus (respiratory syncytial virus) is spreading so fast in the Netherlands that all the beds in pediatric ICUs were full on Tuesday, according to reports. At least one…

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Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Stripped of Emergency Powers For Continued Lockdowns

In a story published yesterday by EpochTimes, it becomes clear that Michigan was tired of Gretchen Whitmer abusing her powers to keep the state in lockdown. On July 21, the…

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Twitterbot Accounts

Twitter is infected with pro lockdown and vaccine tweet bots

In a recent feed on a vaccine-related thread on Twitter NorthAmerica-News found a large number of replies to a post. This by itself is not strange at all. What was…

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Windows App Store

The Revamped Windows App Store Is More Developer Friendly

Microsoft created the Windows App Store a few years ago. The Microsoft Store is now one of the most popular apps on PCs, with buyers praising the convenience and security…

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Hackers are threatening the security of US businesses

Republican Party chief of staff Richard Walters told Bloomberg that the Republican National Committee (RNC) learned over the weekend that third-party provider Synnex had been breached. “We immediately blocked all…

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ICU Fraud

Fraud with occupancy on intensive care units: German hospitals manipulated occupancy rates

A report by the Federal Audit Office in Germany (BRH) reveals one of the biggest scandals during the corona pandemic in Germany. German hospitals manipulated utilization rates at intensive care…

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Big Tech

Big Tech Under Fire

Less than a week after the Netherlands sues the CCP social videosharing app TikTok for $1.7 Billion for illegally collecting data from 64000 children, Japan announces to start antitrust probe…

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The Lancet Caught Lying About Hydroxychloroquine

Few, if any, drugs have been so highly politicized as Hydroxychloroquine. The minute US President Donald Trump announced hydroxychloroquine offered a possible solution to coronavirus-infected survivors, the drug’s popularity skyrocketed,…

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Loudoun County Public Schools, Ashburn, Va

Judge Orders Virginia School to Reinstate Teacher Who Refused to Use Transgender Pronouns

A high school teacher in Virginia who refused to use transgender pronouns, “they,” “them,” and other new gender terms was reinstated by a judge this week. The ruling cites Title…

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