Budgeting App

How Budgeting Apps Can Transform Your Spending Behavior

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the daily lives of many Americans, particularly in how they handle personal finances. According to a Bank of America survey on spending habits, 64% of respondents…

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Six EU MEP Fight Corruption

Member of European Parliament Christine Anderson Speaks Out Against Forced Vaccinations

This is a snippet of a press meeting with various members of the European Union – MEPs press conference on the abusive use of Green Certificate The most important takeaway…

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Michael Yon

Who To Follow – Michael Yon

Today Dec 6, 2021, we have added a new category on our website; this new category was aptly named Who To Follow. Why should you care? This new category will…

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The watchers season 1

The Watchers Season 1 Movie by Aaron Greer

Are you tired of watching the same old movies and plots on Netflix? Here’s you chance to enjoy a brand new series (The Watchers) by Aaron Greer. The Watchers –…

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Ron DeSantis

Florida Rejects a Public Policy Based on Fear

The following post is an email from Tom Woods, sent out to subscribers today. Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, keeps lobbing bombs at his enemies. Today he introduced to the press…

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Canada in Distress

Canada Election 2021: Personal Plea to Vote PPC

Today Northamerica-News.com received a letter from one of our Canadian readers. We have decided to repost it here in full. To all my Canadian Friends… I truly fear for our…

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Despite CISA’s Assessment Apple Has Chosen Chinese Suppliers

Apple has chosen new Chinese suppliers to make key parts of its next iPhone, as the US continues to maintain trade restrictions against the country. Luxshare Precision Industry will build…

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Biden Tries To Force Dangerous Injection On Americans

Most of us can remember back in July when, Jen Psaki said it is “not the role of the federal government” to force Americans to get vaccinated. Remember the tweet…

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Fauci Corruption

Fauci and CDC Guidelines Causing More Covid Deaths Than Necessary By Discouraging Ivermectin

Despite numerous studies and proof from several frontline doctors, many hospitals are still refusing to use Ivermectin as an alternative to treat Covid ICU patients. The latest example of this…

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Fire Department

Half of the Family Just Disappeared Overnight

“Half of the Family Just Disappeared Overnight” by Perla Trevizo and Lexi Churchill, ProPublica and The Texas Tribune; Suzy Khimm and Mike Hixenbaugh, NBC News; Illustrations by Laila Milevski, ProPublica…

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