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From Alabama to Wyoming, the 2015 Legal Elite Awards recognize the individuals and firms using their top-class skills and experience to help companies, big and small, across the nation, navigate the ever-more complex legal landscape – and, in the process, keep the wheels of business turning.

These awards shine a spotlight on the most well respected lawyers, attorneys and firms in the business, highlighting the game changing work, stellar customer service and amazing results that have made them the envy of their competitors and colleagues the world over.

The number of votes received is not the only deciding factor, nor do firms under consideration need a billion-dollar budget to succeed. Instead, every single one of our award winners are determined through a process of rigorous and in-depth research, which takes into account votes received and submitted supporting evidence, coupled with our own in-house expert analysis.

A multifaceted program, the awards are focused on rewarding excellence across all areas of the legal profession; whether it’s the fast-paced world of corporate law, bankruptcy matters, personal injury claims, family disputes or criminal allegations. All sectors and industries are closely scrutinized to ensure that only the most deserving receive one of these prestigious awards.

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