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Taking Construction to a Higher Level

July 3, 2017


J&J is in the business of building and renovation, producing a trail of quality projects and wellsatisfied clients along the way. We interviewed the firm’s President Jim Horton who set up the firm back in 1972, in Chattanooga to find out more.

J&J will always endeavour to produce exceptional products and services for our clients by implementing the Associated General Contractors’ ideals of skill, integrity and responsibility. With their corporate headquarters is in Chattanooga, they were incorporated in the State of Tennessee in 1982. They have been in continuous operation in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas since 1972.

In addition, they are licensed as a general contractor in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama and are fully insured and bondable to 100% of contract value(s). The firm’s main services are: new construction; building expansions/buildouts; renovation/remodelling; pre-construction services; construction management; design-build services and green construction.

In the firm’s mission statement, they say, ‘taking construction to a higher level.’ This is not merely a play on words or a sly way of referring to the sight level in their logo, but President Jim Horton, reveals that in this vein the firm is only living up to his grandfather’s expectations. Jim goes on to develop this point in his own words, plus how the firm strives to provide the highest quality
product possible, to ensure client satisfaction.

“You see, the sight level was one of his most treasured possessions and a tool of the trade that was passed down to me before he died. It is proudly displayed in the bookcase in my office and is your guarantee that we will apply the ideals of skill, integrity and responsibility to every project. Look at our portfolio and you will see that Granddad’s spirit and values are still important to J & J today.”

“We will strive to provide the highest quality product through our experience, insight, hard work and skill-sets. It will always be our goal to develop lasting relationships with those around us by exercising honesty, dedication, diligence and accountability.

“We feel our commitment to client satisfaction, the efforts of hardworking, highly skilled personnel and excellent relationships within the construction community have all been significant contributors to the quality of product we produce and to our reputation as a trusted general contractor.”
Finally, Jim points out that the firm takes the Associated General Contractor’s principles of skill, integrity and responsibility very seriously indeed.

“These are not just words; they are core values that must be implemented in most business segments; but especially in the construction industry. Our work is on permanent display and will leave lasting impressions for many years.”